Discover Meriell Club brand


History and philosophy of the brand

We are a Polish company, founded in 1983 and based in Warsaw.

We specialize in designing and producing high quality swimsuits. Over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry is what makes our offer highly atractive.

Our collections are created for demanding women, who appreciate chic, elegance and uniqueness. The designs perfectly combine timeless classic style with elements of eye-catching extravagance.

The diversity of models, brilliant selection of fabrics and their colors, following the world’s fashion trends but above all the high quality of our products is what distinguish our brand.
Mirka Górska, CEO Meriell Club

Meriell Club Team

We have a highly-qualified staff of perfectly trained professionals, who meet high standards of Meriell Club brand.

The success of our team is based on gaining experience and tracking brand new trends and innovations in the industry. We have built an excellent staff which takes care of the quality of the products and quick shipment of orders.


Beauty is in the detail

We aim at creating high quality products paying special attention to details. We use best Italian, Spanish and French fabrics and accessories. We want to offer our clients luxury products that stand out on the market. We are and will always be a boutique not mass market manufacturer. Our swimwear are produced with big precision in order to suit every single body shape.